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I am a design-thinker.

As a visual communication designer, I've been working professionally for over 12 years for clients from around the globe. With my mobile and nomadic office, I'm used to adapting to changing challenges, contexts and cultures, which makes me a key team player. I've worked as a graphic designer, art director, web developer, photographer and project manager for commercial and third sector clients, as well as NGOs, institutions and projects while cohabiting this amazing world in places such as: Argentina, Peru, Mexico, USA, England and South Korea.

Uruguayan by birth, citizen of the world by choice, I've nurtured my knowledge and curiosity about the world and its people not only by traveling but also through very committed study, which led me to obtain a Diploma in Graphic Design, a Bachelors in Visual Arts (Uruguay) and a Masters in Sustainable Design (United Kingdom).

If you'd like to learn more about my academic work and research, please visit me at


Sustainable Design

I have a specialization in Sustainable Design with a focus on Design Thinking and a thematic interest in Food-related issues.

My work has a strong social component and is targeted at solving problems within our broken food systems to achieve a healthier, fairer and more sustainable world where humans and ecosystems can thrive.

Areas of work:

Service Design, Food Design, Social Design, Design for Sustainable Behaviour, Design Thinking, Design Research

How can I help?

Understanding that we live in a finite planet with a variety of sociocultural, economic and natural systems is key to the development of any project. Embedding sustainability and meeting global development and environmental goals does not only involve choosing eco-materials but a thorough analysis and holistic action plans.

With a strong background of up-to-date knowledge and key networks and resources, I can help you deliver a more sustainable product, service or practice.


Visual Communication

I have worked on various media deliver graphic and visual solutions in the form of: Brand Identity, Logos, Marketing Materials, POP, Website, Mobile Applications, etc.

My approach to work is collaborative and team-based, putting an emphasis on the planning stages to make sure to deliver the best possible solution. Different clients have different needs and limitations, which means some of the work I've done has to be kept confidential and is not made public here.
If you'd like to get a more detailed insight about my work, please get in touch.

Areas of work:

Graphic design, Web Design, UI design, Mobile

IndicatorServices overview:



→ Visit my Portfolio at Behance



I provide graphic design solutions targeted to a variety of purposes and media.
Whether you need brand development (logo, identity), printed marketing materials (booklets, flyers, cards), online promotion (banners, social media pieces), we can work on the right solution for you.


The services I provide are not solely restricted to the web but any sort of online or screen solution. From landing pages to email newsletters or entire websites, you name it. I can also help you develop your project from scratch (Hosting & Domain configuration) to final online product.
I regularly use Wordpress CMS to deliver a product you can have full control of.


Mobile devices are a boom right now.You must make sure you have a presence in the market and that your brand or website looks good when used on a mobile device. Maybe you have an idea for an App. You may also need a sleek social media presence to secure a good reputation and online visibility (SEO).
I can help you improve your message and communication, while making your projects come to life.


Design methods have become very popular and have proved to bring value to companies and a myriad of projects. Our skills help untangle complex problems, sketch solutions and deliver prototypes, explore viability and open up opportunities at fast speed and with low costs.
Adopting a design-thinking approach or methodology may be the key the the success of your endeavor.

To get in touch, please write to